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Une entreprise éco-responsable engagée pour la planète

An environmentally responsible company committed to our planet

Design and production of our packaging solutions

Reducing our CO2 emissions and fighting against the single use of plastics

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Thanks to its stiffness and imperviousness, cellular polypropylene can be reused several times. It reduces the need for single-use packaging containers and also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.Find out more about our product: Shuttle crate >

Reduced water consumption

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Cellular polypropylene is a material which can be used as a substitute for corrugated cardboard. Unlike corrugated cardboard, no water is consumed during its manufacturing process.

Waste recovery


At the end of their life cycle, our packaging containers can be reintegrated into our manufacturing process. Thus, this packaging waste turns into a recycled raw material. . Find out more about our commitments and values >

Industrial process management

Circular economy


ArdennPac started to produce 100% recyclable and 100% reusable cellular polypropylene packaging containers more than 36 years ago. Our company does not generate any plastic waste, and all our production rejects and scraps are recovered and reused.

Optimised energy efficiency


When we renew the machines from our fleet, we take their energy consumption into consideration. In 2019, we installed a new cooling system which produces some heat that we recover to heat our building.