Produits barrière COVID 19

ArdennPac a mis au point des visières de protection faciale ultra-légères et des paravents-séparateurs de postes de travail
pour les adultes et pour les scolaires. Nouveauté : Paravents-séparateurs transparents.

Fiche produit Paravent transparent Fiche produit Paravent adulte Fiche produit Paravent scolaire Fiche produit Visière adulte Fiche produit Visière enfant

ArdennPac is a family-run SME which progresses and develops by relying upon the skills of the men and women who work within the company.

Since 1976, we have been designing and producing packaging containers made of corrugated cardboard and alveolar polypropylene - a type of plastic material which we extrude inhouse on a dedicated site.

Our organisation allows us to modulate our production very quickly in order to manage our customers’ unpredictable events and emergencies in the best possible manner.

We guarantee a strong operational capacity and reliable lead times in any set of circumstances.

ArdennPac has been ISO 9001-certified since 1999.

- Our products’ operating sectors -

Aerospace, automobile & railwayAerospace, Automotive & Railway
Chemistry, cosmetics & pharmacyChemistry, Cosmetics & Pharmacy
Logistics, air freight & transportLogistics, Air freight & Transport
Defence, electronics & energiesDefence, Electronics & Energies
btpBuilding and Civil industry, Outfitting & Signing
agriculturePerishable products & Agriculture

- Environmental respect -

Alveolar polypropylene is a highly-resistant type of thermoplastic material with which sustainable and reusable packaging containers can be manufactured. For example, a polypropylene shuttle crate will be usable for a high number of rotations.

Alveolar polypropylene is fully recyclable.


It is recycled by simple grinding, unlike cardboard which has a more complex and energy-consuming valorisation process.

Using alveolar polypropylene packaging rotations is consistent with environmental preservation.

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